About InsideOut Hair

Healthy, soft, beautiful, manageable hair can be yours. Welcome to the the revolution in African American hair care. At InsideOut we work with your hair, not against it. Chemical free does not have to mean afros; relaxed hair does not mean damaged. Welcome to the new frontier!

The Salon

InsideOut is more than our name, it is our philosophy. From start to finish, we combine science and technology with the latest techniques allowing us not only to style your hair, but also help you achieve and maintain optimum hair health. The 'InsideOut Method' was developed by Owner/Master Stylist Sylvia Evans. Ms. Evan's innovative process can be likened to a hybrid vehicle. Women can reap the benefits of wearing their hair 'natural' while achieving the ease of maintenance and versatility of relaxed styles.

Master Stylist

Master Stylist Sylvia Evans recently earned her instructor's license. Of the over 47,000 active Georgia State Cosmetology licenses, less than 1% are instructors licenses. Not only does Ms. Evans work to educate her clients about their own hair, she has the credentials to back it up.

Natural Hair Care

InsideOut Hair offers a variety of hair styling options. We specialize in transitioning clients from relaxed to natural tresses. We offer the latest product lines designed to maximize moisture and minimize breakage and making your transition as smooth as possible.